5th kyu Grading

We have made a demonstration video of the required techniques for the 5th kyu level grading. We use the Aikikai Hombu recommended grading syllabus for kyu level grades. There are of course many different ways to do Aikido techniques. The video shows the way Aikido Katokan teaches these techniques for demonstration at the first grading level, and how we expect them to be presented (more or less). The emphasis is on slow and steady continuous movement that clearly shows your understanding of footwork, movement, points of contact and control, and attention to detail. Speed, power, and dynamic adaptation of techniques can only develop if you have gained a good understanding of the basics. This is what the kyu gradings are examining.

The video can be accessed here

Yvonne on the road

Yvonne sensei is visiting friends and family in Australia. Here is a pic of her at the Sydney Aikikai seminar taught by Rosso Hernandez Shihan, 6th dan Aikikai and former Tokyo Hombu live-in student (left). The dojo cho of Sydney Aikikai, our old friend Paul Sinkinson is on the right. Paul sensei received his 6th dan at the seminar.IMG-20170515-WA0001

Weapons practice

Here is a pic of some practice with the jo (wooden staff) taken recently at Aikido Katokan. Patrick practices a disarming technique where the conclusion is to throw your partner. This training is useful for focussing attention on correct body movement and posture.