Yvonne on the road

Yvonne sensei is visiting friends and family in Australia. Here is a pic of her at the Sydney Aikikai seminar taught by Rosso Hernandez Shihan, 6th dan Aikikai and former Tokyo Hombu live-in student (left). The dojo cho of Sydney Aikikai, our old friend Paul Sinkinson is on the right. Paul sensei received his 6th dan at the seminar.IMG-20170515-WA0001


Weapons practice

Here is a pic of some practice with the jo (wooden staff) taken recently at Aikido Katokan. Patrick practices a disarming technique where the conclusion is to throw your partner. This training is useful for focussing attention on correct body movement and posture.



Benedetti sensei visiting Bristol in November

Visit to Bristol by St├ęphane Benedetti, 7th dan Aikido Shihan, this November. Benedetti sensei is the technical director of Mutokukai, the association we belong to that is affiliated to Aikikai Hombu (HQ) in Tokyo. He has a marvellous insight into Aikido.

He will be teaching a weapons class at St Pauls Community Gym not far from MyGym on Monday 28 November at 7 pm. We will be going so no class that night at MyGym.

Benedetti sensei will be in Bath and Cardiff over the preceding Friday and Sat-Sunday. All the details are here from the site of our friends at Aikido Fudoshin club in Cardiff :benedetti-sensei-ad

Aikido goes to the theatre

Grania and Sophie, actors from the Oddly Moving Circus theatre group production, He Ain’t Heavy came to do a workshop at Aikido Katokan to develop some conflict scenes to use in the play. The play is an autobiographical diary using physical theatre to tell the story of growing up with an autistic brother. We helped them with some basic moves they could adapt for some moments in the play. With their circus and physical performance background, Sophie and Grania were quick learners. We saw the play at the Trinity Centre, Bristol and were touched by the funny, warm but also frank and thought-provoking performance. And they did a good job with the Aikido moves as well!aikido-w-actors2