Dojo temporary closure

Because of the unexpected closure of MyGym, Aikido Katokan will have to suspend classes for the time being. We are looking for alternative venues for our club. Please watch this space or our Facebook page for updates. We hope to be back giving classes soon.


Patrick and Yvonne.

Greg Habert sensei seminar Feb 2019

We went to classes in Sully and Bath as part of Greg Habert sensei’s recent visit. Habert sensei is a French Aikidoka with expertise in weapons as well and he taught several bokken (sword) partner routines and explained some of the relations between them and empty-hand practice. Habert sensei is a dedicated and engaging teacher and his classes are well worth the effort to get to! Thanks to Cardiff Fudoshin Aikido Club, Bath Aikido Society and Ffenics Aikido Club, Sully (pictured below) for organising and their kind hospitality.IMG_20190224_161032162


Some upcoming visits to our dojo and to our nearby Mutokukai association friends in Bath and Cardiff:

October 19-22nd, 2018. Greg Habert sensei from Paris. Greg sensei is a fluent and precise Aikidoka who also has expertise in swordwork.

Greg Habert ad copy

November 29 – December 2nd, 2018. Stephane Benedetti shihan. Stephane sensei is a director of the Mutokukai association and a vastly experienced and inspiring teacher. He will give a class on the big mat downstairs at our venue, MyGym in Bristol, on Friday 30 November, as well doing classes in Bath and Cardiff during his visit.

Stephane Nov 30th ad copy

Full details of both instructor itineraries is on the website of our friends at Cardiff University Aikido Club 

Weapons practice

We uploaded some video of practice with the Jou (staff). Jou dosa or jou mochi nage waza (techniques) for throwing an unarmed partner, and jou suburi (free practice) can be found on our Facebook page, @aikidokatokanbristol.

Jou dosa