Aikido artwork

Creative media designer Tania de Gerlache De Gomery has made some beautiful designs for a banner and for our online sites. Enjoy.

Tania graphic2


Weapons practice

We uploaded some video of practice with the Jou (staff). Jou dosa or jou mochi nage waza (techniques) for throwing an unarmed partner, and jou suburi (free practice) can be found on our Facebook page, @aikidokatokanbristol.

Jou dosa


Visit to Bristol by St├ęphane Benedetti sensei

Stephane B grafic

St├ęphane Benedetti sensei will teach in Bristol at the end of January 2018.
Benedetti sensei is an Aikikai Shihan and co-director of our association, the Mutokukai. He is giving classes at Furo Ryu Aikido in Bath and Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff before conducting a weapons class on Monday Jan 29th at 7-9 pm at the St Pauls Community Sports Academy. Visitors welcome.
Details at the Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff website

Greg Habert sensei

We recently went to classes given by Aikikai and Iaido 4th dan, Greg Habert sensei, in Bath and Cardiff. Habert sensei is a French instructor who teaches in the south of Paris, and a member of the Mutokukai network of Aikikai clubs to which we belong. Students and teachers alike from Aikido Katokan learnt a great deal from Habert sensei’s classes and came away invigorated and inspired. The picture is from the Sunday class Yvonne sensei attended at Ffenics Aikido club in Cardiff.Habert sensei grp photo